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This was from :iconmicih123: . I wasn't tagged, but I reversed tagged him earlier so I will do this. XD

The questions:

1. Do you have an accent? What is it?

Everyone does! Mine is American.

2. Would you screw with time travel? If so, what would you do with it?

Yeah. To give myself some knowledge to do certain things better.

3. If you were a dragon in a fantasy medieval world, what would you do?

Fly, shoot fire and hoard wealth.
Rule from behind the scenes since I will be an excellent shapeshifter and Master of Shadows! With my loyal familiar (See question twelve.).

4. If someone asked you to slap them as hard as possible and wouldn't be offended would you?

Depends on the situation. If they crazy, nah! Drunk, nah! If it's their gimmick to be famous, sure!

5. If you could marry anyone person on the planet, who would it be? (and just in case you're a fangirl...or guy...Justin Bieber does not count!)

Someone attractive who's warm, kind & considerate...but with a wild side to keep things interesting. I'm attracted to many different looks and appearances so I can't tell you what they look like...except that they have a nice booty.

6. What person do you like least?

Judgemental people. They bring up everyone else's faults to cover up theirs.

7. What would you consider a punishment so diabolical you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy?

Lost of a loved one. It's harsh.

8. If you had to punish someone, how would you do so?

Get my familiar to do it (See question twelve.). No trace nor evidence would be left behind. 

9. What is the dumbest thing you've heard in your life?

"Because you're fat, you don't get bit by mosquitos because mosquitos don't bite fat people." 

Not only is that wrong, he tried to mask it like a compliment?!

10. What is the worst movie you've ever seen?

I've seen alot. The Fountain I think it was called. Was in the theater just knocking back Zs.

11. If you used magic, what kind would you use?

Unlimited access to Djinn and genies to get what I want and need.

12. What kind of familiar would you have? (It can go from animal to 100% human)

A shapeshifting Cheshire cat/Manticore hybrid, Duh!

13. Hospital food or air plain food?

Yeesh! Both bad. I say hospital.

And there you go!


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I am a amatuer artist who loves art and appreciates looking at good art of others.

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